Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Surprise!

Thank you to the talented Katarina Price for working with me to document a few of the finished urban portraits for AS IS! Since I won't officially be installing the portraits until they are all complete, I wanted to attract as little attention to myself as possible while getting a few shots of the work in context. We woke up early last week to get down to Ben's Chili Bowl, intending to be there before too many people were on the streets...but MAN! DC is full of early risers!
Including the subject!
A few people passed the painting on the street saying things like "Hey! I know him!" Still, I was happily surprised to see the man himself step out of the door to check out the commotion!

He was quiet about it, but I think he liked it.
I can't wait to leave it for him to keep.

(All images copyright of Katarina Price Photography.)

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