Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Nest!

Friends, as most of you know, my two studio-mates and I moved into our new studio/gallery space in September!
It's pretty dreamy. 

Now I'm just about finished with the project that I've been working on for the past few months, and ready to try something fun before I start again in earnest on holiday commissions and other booked proposals. In case you haven't already seen it on FB, here's the deal:

Destination Re-creation!

I have two things on my mind theses days:

#1. I am dying to show you our new studio/gallery space!

#2. I just spent a year working on a bunch of super detailed portrait commissions, and now I'm itching to do some loose landscape painting…maybe even a painting a day!

So here's the deal:

You guys send me a photo of your favorite place (vacation, family spot, wherever) and I'll spend the next month or so turning one into a painting every day! I'll post a photo of each painting as it's finished, and will hang all of the little canvases (8”x10” ish) up at our Studio-Warming Bash in December for you to take home for a steal if something strikes your fancy! I get some sweet reference photos out of the deal, and you get your own little piece of art!

The only rule is that you have to have been the one to take the photo (copyright issues). Oh, and first come, first served! It's all fair game—buy your own painting, snag someone else’s, or just come toast the new studio with a glass of bubbly!

(Of course, if you love your image and definitely want to be the one to take it home, just shoot me a message and I'll mark it as sold before the show.) Live out of town, but still want your own little painting? Same deal--send me your photo, I'll paint it, hang it in the show and ship it to you afterwards!

I’ll start painting October 1, and will post show details as we get closer to the date. Ready, set, go!
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