Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chocolates and Georgetown and Sculpture, Oh My!

As most of you know, painting is my thing. The bulk of my commissioned work comes in the form of painted portraits and cityscapes...but I crave making a good sculpture from time to time. Which is why I am thrilled to be working with my sister on one of her current design projects.
 photography by Christina Bernales
Meet Robert Ludlow and Ashley Hubbard. They are the adorable couple responsible for Fleurir Chocolates which opens the doors to its P Street store next month. My sister is working with them to turn the space into something that reflects their fresh, natural, design-forward aesthetic. How do I fit into this picture? Let's just say it involves some large crape myrtle limbs, lots of white paint, a few dozen tomato cans and some tennis balls. To be continued...


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