Monday, March 7, 2011

Have It All

At a conference I attended recently, the keynote speaker ventured that everyone in the audience had "everything that (they) really wanted."

This related sentiment comes from the folks at somethings hiding in here.
He wasn't being all Pollyanna. His point was that we either want to grow or we don't, and if we don't, we don't want a thing. But if we do? Well, then we want VERY MUCH, and we work darn hard to get it.

This seems to work with Maslow's motivation theory, which basically says that humans are motivated to act by unsatisfied needs, and that as long as we are motivated to satisfy those cravings, we are moving towards growth.

It feels whiny to want, but this line of thinking suggests that wanting is exactly what helps us evolve into the fullness of the people that we could/should be. What do you think?

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