Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hardcore: A Lesson In Doing Your Job And Outsourcing The Rest

The chocolate folks told me about the Smithsonian's new "Historically Hardcore" ads when I was finishing up the instillation for their new shop this week. Did you catch these posters around DC?

I for one was super impressed with their rebranding efforts when I heard the news. Who wouldn't get behind the idea of bringing life (and a fresh audience) to important information?

Answer: The Smithsonian

It seems that two students from Atlanta's Creative Circus were actually the masterminds behind these faux posters, hung around the city without the Museum's blessing. Copyright violations aside though, this garnered some pretty clutch attention for what many may have previously overlooked as a dusty Institution. If I were in charge, I'd hire the kids to do my advertising. After all, that is a skill in and of itself.


  1. I hadn't heard about this. A little bit like the real ads by Americans for the Arts (without the vulgarity and shootings). The campaign (Art. Ask for More) is here: http://americansforthearts.org/public_awareness/the_ads/009.asp

  2. Thanks for the link -- interesting stuff!


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