Monday, August 20, 2012

Visit Me at "My" Studio!

I hope that you had a perfect end-of-summer weekend, Friends! Habitat for Artists, the public art project sponsoring the creation of my eight urban portrait, will be coming to a close this Saturday, August 25th. 

It has been a blessing in many ways to have had the support of the project behind me, and it has influenced my creative process in unexpected ways. Usually my reference material for the AS IS portraits consists of the few photographs and maybe a quick sketch that I made when I introduced myself. Setting up my easel at the Corcoran and at the THEARC to paint rapid, loose sketches of passersby has allowed me to get to know a potential subject for the next big portrait in such a different way!

Want to see who I chose for the eight AS IS portrait? Stop by the Corcoran to find out!

I'll be painting in one of the studios out front Tuesday-Friday this week.
picture courtesy of the HFA blog

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