Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday, Friends! Have you had a wonderful summer? I hope so. 

Mine finished on a high note with the completion of my eighth large-scale urban portrait! I am spending this week prepping for the Sneak Peak of my project, AS IS. The paintings hit the streets October 1st, but the Sneak Peak will be a way to share what I've been working on before the portraits are gone for good.

A few people have asked me about the possibility of the portraits being stolen and how I feel about it. Well, this project really grew out of my desire to give back. I do hope that the portraits brighten peoples' day. In a perfect world, every person that I have painted would find his or her portrait and be thrilled to have it. In reality though, some of the paintings will probably be taken by the wrong people, rained on or thrown away...and that's OK. Really. AS IS is my attempt to reach beyond the commodification of art, to give my talent and time away as a gift. I am trying to let go of the painting as this precious object that took me a month and loads of cash to make, and to just give notice without worry about the end result.

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