Thursday, March 22, 2012

Million Dollar Idea

My mom is always coming up with wonky sounding business ideas for someone else (anyone else) to use. I confess that I usually end up laughing and gently dismissing them as hair-brained or irrational. Until now. 
A few years ago, she was waxing on about how some enterprising soul could make a killing setting up painting supplies and wine in unused office buildings. Her logic went something like this: "People would pay good money to have an excuse to drink, mingle and try to make art!" I told her the idea was clearly insane :/
Flash forward to the grand opening of ArtJamz permanent space in Dupont Circle. A friend invited me a few months ago to join her at one of these sessions when they were still (yup, you guessed it) charging people good money to drink, mingle and make art in empty retail spaces. We had a great time, and now the company is clearly doing well enough to be opening a permanent space in one of DC's priciest retail neighborhoods.
So here is my formal apology to my mother and proclamation of her genius! Mom, I promise to follow through on at least one of your amazing ideas in 2012...and split the profit :)

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