Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living in a Painting

I was flattered to find out that Jennifer of "DC by Design" mentioned me in a post that she wrote on well-curated spaces. It got me thinking about the relationship between art and interior design. 
 Yes, they are two entirely separate things. Still I think that we would all be a heck of a lot happier if we treated the spaces that we spend so much of our lives in as works of art. That is one of the reasons that I post the Monday Match every week.
Don't get me wrong. Life is not picture perfect. We all have a gazillion absolutely necessary, functional objects in our live and work spaces.
 My point is that thinking of our environments as potential works of art allows us the freedom to choose the best of those necessities for our particular circumstances. We have the ability to create a tone for these places, and that, my friends, effects how we live and work in them.
Too abstract? O.K. Look at a room as you would a blank canvas. Think of the function of the space and the mood that you want it to inspire. You can use a particular object or idea as inspiration for the color palate, textures, furniture placement, etc. Plan out a rough composition for how you want the room to look. Try your best to only allow objects and information into the room that serve the idea and function that you are shooting for. Then let loose and follow the muse!


  1. Nicole, you have SUCH an eye -- this is brilliant! I like your pairing better than those magazines who create rooms inspired by outfits -- you really capture the mood of a room with this art. And I'm flattered by your mention, thank you!

  2. Oh wow. I know I am going to like your blog very much.

    Do I spy Thiebaud?


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