Monday, September 26, 2011

True Story

* Nate is just as dashing and warm in real life as he is on TV. (I'm pretty sure I spent my entire time in front of the camera staring a little too intensely into his eyes.)

* So are his producers and production assistants. (See above picture for evidence.)

* The "Green Room" is in fact white, but comes fully stocked with snacks, cable, and oddly, a sink. (Again, see above image.)

*  Nine hundred thousand hours of prep work +  a team of a trillion and six people = two minutes of television entertainment.

* Actually, if real live famous people are scheduled for the same show, you better make that one minute.

* That one minute was quite possibly the most thrilling and terrifying minute of my existence thus far. (Too much?)

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  1. hmmm...not sure why this posted again months later. My apologies, Friends!


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