Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ignoring the Price Tag

The first painting that I ever made was done with car touch-up paint on my bedroom wall...yup, most laid-back parents ever. There was something so freeing about using cheap, left over supplies to create. Mess up big time? No big deal.
 Flash forward a couple of decades, and I am sort of tip-toeing around these gorgeous, seven-foot maple panels with my expensive paints and gold leaf, scared to make any move that I can't take back. Maybe if this weren't a commissioned project for a public space, or maybe if the supplies didn't cost as much as my car, I'd be slinging paint like a machine.  As it stands though, knowing that those enormous wooden pieces were cut and hauled all the way up to my studio just for this project has me shaking in my boots. So send your brave thoughts my way Friends, because this alter wall is not going to paint itself!


  1. Just think - you can't do any worse than this:

  2. It's been a long time since I've read a blog post that really got me thinking - almost to the point of being stumped. You did it - congratulations!! Reading the title of the post, I figured this would be a blog about how good things don't come cheap. I guess you've come to the crossroads that separates the "pros" from the "joes." Pros must perform when it matters - when the pressure is really on. That's the ironic thing... people with nothing to lose are often afraid to try. Little do they realize that it's much harder to "go for it" after you're a pro. So... realize that overcoming that fear - the little voice that says, "don't mess this up" is what makes you a badass so play your hand and let the cards fall where they may!

  3. @carly, that was such an unbelievable story!

    @unknown, Thank you! I love Steven Pressfield's little book for artists "The War of Art" that speaks exactly to that turn from 'joe' to 'pro.' If you haven't read it yet, check it out!

  4. No idea why I didn't make the connection earlier, it's going to be great! Just do what you do best and the rest will take care of itself! We could always do another fundraiser for more materials so sling away!


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