Friday, February 8, 2013

Boring Headshot or Painted Profile Pic?

 Colette Marvin has the most fascinating job. She is an art forgery expert, meaning that she researches art crime and cultural heritage protection for the government and for private clients (including consulting on this case)! She also teaches a course at DC's Duke Ellington School of the Arts on Art and Social Media.
I met Colette when she invited me to come speak to her class about my Urban Portrait Project, AS IS. As part of a revamp for her art forgery website, she commissioned me to paint a loose portrait sketch (like one of these.)
In an online world awash in corporate head shots, I love the idea of opening an "About" page and finding a bright, loose painting sketch instead! There are so many creative companies out there who have the most stale staff photos on their websites. Having a piece of art in place of all that blandness is a fresh way to shake things up.
Colette's work requires her to do quite a bit of analyzing and discussing particular artworks, so she will also be including this colorful little painting somewhere on her site. We took this one in more abstract direction--focusing on a dynamic composition of color blocks and lines versus a descriptive representation of facial features. 
This was such a fun project! Thank you, Colette!


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