Thursday, May 3, 2012

My dear friend, Laurel Dugan, explaining her current work
The life of an artist can be a solitary thing.  I personally need time and space apart from other people to make my work, but sharing that work and thoughts on art in general is invaluable as well. So I'm beyond thrilled to have been invited to join a monthly creative conversations group. Last night was our first meeting. Over French 75s and plates of cheese, a group of film makers, painters, writes, musicians, designers and textile artists discussed current work, reasons for working in a particular medium, and greatest fears about art-making. It was a smash success and I'm already looking forward to our next gathering!


  1. YES.
    I cannot believe that I've met you - your art blows me away.
    I have been in the presence of a great talent.

    See you at the next meeting!

  2. That sounds so fun. In college they told us that would be our only real chance to discuss things like that. I miss those discussions.


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