Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who wants to go to a dinner party in Paris?

image via flicker
Thirty years ago, Jim Haynes gave a dancer a place to stay in Paris. The dancer offered to cook a dinner for Jim and a group of friends every Sunday by way of a thank you. Though the chef now rotates, Jim's Sunday Salons continue. Sixty to seventy strangers gather in his atelier space to meet, dine and share ideas weekly. 
His reason for offering these dinner parties is best described in his own words. "I am a world citizen. My roots cover the earth. I believe we should know each other. After all, our lives are all connected."
I have always wished that I could have been invited to one of Mary Cassatt's famous Thursday suppers, but I like the sound of this modern alternative! Who's in?

*Thank you to Miss B. of The House That Lars Built for the mention!

1 comment:

  1. Need you even ask? Food and friends...I will be there. I'll even host the first one if you want!!!


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