Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pasta and Paint

My marriage to a man with Italian heritage and mad culinary skills (1) makes me deliriously happy, and (2) has me thinking a lot about pasta.  Namely, why should its shape affect the way it tastes?!  I mean, I DO understand the whole surface area picking up more or less sauce, etc. bit, but it is still pretty amazing to consider just how different angel hair and farfalle in the same (homemade of course!) sauce can taste, non?
It's interesting to consider how the same logic can be applied to brushstrokes/the application of paint to canvas. Give an artist a single color and brand of paint, and the mark that she makes will have a totally different feeling, say, if she slabs it on with a thick pallet knife vs. feathers it in with fan brush. It's weight and width almost make it a different beast altogether. Just thinking about that makes me want to run out an buy some really enormous brushes! mmm...
(via folkloric)

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