Monday, January 10, 2011

Narcissism and Our Times (Or in other words, "Hey look at me! I started a blog!"

Hello, Friends!  Let me say by way of introduction that I am fully aware of the irony of starting a blog just months after Narcissism has been removed from the official medical index.  In an age navigated by personal devices beginning with the pronoun "i" it comes as no surprise that just conceiving of an available blog title is a tough task.  The advance of such technology means access to more interesting tidbits of information that ever (arguably more than we can process, but that is another story.)

As an artist, I find myself in the daily position of considering these facts in a right-side-of-the-brain type way.  Since my profession does not require me to immediately strip-search these bits of knowledge down to their trunk of validity and usefulness, they are free to bob around merrily in the ether of my mind while I attend to the artistic problems at hand.  Now Here's where things get exciting!  Every once in a while, two or more facts decide to emerge at one time and BAM!  An idea is setting off fireworks in my mind!  (Granted, these conclusions are often loony or just plain incorrect, but so was Aristotle's view of the cosmos, and it paved the way for Copernicus, right?!)  Anyhoo, I chew on these new thoughts all the way through my remaining studio time, maybe scribble a few things down in a sketch book before closing up shop, and then (without having taken time to translate those imaginative ideas into something a bit more concrete, I promptly forget them.

Enter the blog: A practice in turning sifted facts into more complete thoughts...or at least thought-provoking questions.  Will you play too?  Can't you just see it now?  Your Comments + My Comments = BIG IDEAS!  Tell me what you think, share new observations, whatever strikes your fancy.  The Only Rule:  Be Nice.  This is a happy place!

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  1. Very cool, Nic. I can't wait to see what is coming our way!


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