Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taking Risks

OK, I'll admit it: I am a retiring perfectionist. I'm prone to wanting to make the absolute BEST decision every time. A simple question about what materials I should use for a certain project has me acting out the tired role of "artist who doesn't actually produce art" from time to time. Not to mention how badly the bigger decisions can paralyze me. 
If you are allergic to decision making too, you might want to check out this article from lifehacker.
The simple tip of treating a choice as an experiment vs. a final, life-altering act has me breathing a sigh of relief. There are some choices that we can't take back, but most are reversible. And that little fact might just allow me to make some great art today...or some terrible art. Either way, I'll be making work, and that feels a whole lot more productive than making nothing at all.

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