Saturday, January 12, 2013

Being the Tortoise in 2013

Have you read this article? As much as I adore this time of year for its goal setting, I promise that I will not write about resolutions all year. Really, I do. But this article is so fabulous that you have to read it. Trust me.

The gist is that success comes from setting and sticking to an achievable game-plan toward a personal goal, without failing short of or exceeding our daily goals. Are you snoring yet? I know, I know, I would be too. That "exceeding" is the key though and it will revolutionize the way that you approach this new year. 

I'm a visual girl. I never claimed to be a compelling writer, but this article is so, so good that I promise you won't be disappointed. Really, check it out! And then let me know what your 20 Mile March will be, OK? 

P.S.-- #6 is so key but understated that I almost glossed over it. I hope that you don't. We cannot predict what life will grant us, but being prepared for the ultimate battle can only lead to good things!

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