Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...or at least I hope that you will!!
A few (awesome!) friends are helping me string lights and hang art tonight for Friday's Holiday Open Studio!
And I'm taking cocktail suggestions.
This looks good:
Also dreaming of some sort of spiked hot chocolate...
Any personal favorites? Do share!


  1. Nicole,
    I am going to try really hard to make it to your open house. Things are crazy between school and life, but I hope to be there.

  2. chocolate and peppermint schnapps

  3. Malibu Bay Breezes! Totally not a winter drink but they are always a hit!

  4. Carly, I hope you can make it!

    Grace, is there anything that tops your love for Bay Breezes?

    And hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps sounds divine. I may just have to go with that...


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