Monday, October 1, 2012

Are You Awake?

The sun is set to rise at 7:05 this morning and if all goes according to plan all of the AS IS portraits should be installed on the streets of DC by 9 A.M. Want to know where? Check back in a few hours. Map to follow later this morning...


  1. I'll be checking your blog often today to see how everything goes. Best of luck!!!

  2. My husband is one of the people you painted(Pete at the wharf:0) I was astonished someone would be so selfless with their time and talent. I was absolutely shocked you would go out of your way to paint a stranger, a feat in itself, then go out of your way to try to make sure the person receives the painting. Your act of kindness left me speechless. The painting itself is beautiful but what it represents, even more so.
    Thanks for being a blessing and reminding others to allow themselves to be the same.
    My husband and I visited the Eastern Shore this weekend. As we paid the toll at the Bay bridge we paid the toll for the car behind us, telling the operator to tell them a stranger in DC had done a tremendous act of kindness for my husband and to try to pay it forward. They caught up with us miles later to inform us they surely would:0)...It's my hope that your kindness will cause a ripple effect(it already has, & we're not done yet;0)
    There are good people in this world, it's important to be one of them. Sincere thanks.


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