Thursday, September 6, 2012

photo credit, Leah Moss
 NPR's Metro Connection came to the studio this morning to record a story about AS IS. The interview was so much fun, and I hope that the feature will help all ten people that I have painted for the project be on the look out for their portraits around the city!

Have you ever been interviewed for anything? The reporter asked such good questions, some of which (I confess) left me more than a little tongue-tied! You know how sometimes the perfect answer comes to you long after you have been asked a question? Yeah, me too. As the reporter assured me, sometimes the simplest stories are the hardest to tell. I have confidence though that the team of talented people at WAMU will cobble my painstaking attempts at an explanation for this project into a story worth hearing! You can tune in to channel 88.5 on Friday, September 28th to listen for yourself and be the judge.

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