Thursday, July 7, 2011


When I am working on a problem (artistic or otherwise), I always turn to my sketchbooks. I have one stashed in every corner of my home, studio, purse and car. So much of our communication is digital these days, but there is an honesty in the way that your hand marks what your mind is thinking when you put ink to paper.

These are my favorites. You can find them inexpensively at most art supply stores. They have blank pages and canvas covers so that you can paint the outside if you like. I keep mine blank though. 

  I've toyed with the idea of painting a wall of my studio with chalkboard paint. Think what Ikea did for the above image, but less kitchen-y. 

 Imagine something more like this, but with more drawing involved.
I'm thinking something a little closer to this.

Anyway, now some brilliant soul has created a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks aptly named The Sketchbook Project. Artists pick a theme from such choices as "Along the line," "Sandwich" or "Stitches and folds" and fill a sketchbook with related drawings and thoughts until the book is full. The resulting books will be exhibited on the 2012 tour and cataloged permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library afterwords. I might just have to make a trip to New York to see the finished project!
After all...

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