Monday, May 9, 2011

My Date With Nate

O.K. Friends, I can officially check one off the "Amazing Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die" list. Care for a visual or two?

If you're looking for me tomorrow, you can find me in New York taping an episode of The Nate Berkus Show! I can't even tell you how shocked I was when one of his sweet production assistants e-mailed me. So my AMAZING sister -- you know, the one who just gave birth a few days ago -- scrambled to take and edit the zillion photos I needed for the show, and I proceeded to dump the remaining contents of three Easter baskets into my mouth. Can someone pinch me now?


  1. I love Nate. Did you know aside from being awesome he survived a tsunami like the one in Japan? his partner did not survive the onslaught of water. it is a very touching story. i dont remember what country he was in when it happened. I am a fan of Nate! cant wait to see it when it airs! you will be awesome!

  2. You guys still had Easter candy in your house?!? That iIS amazing!!
    So what will it be about? Your artwork? Your house? The whole nicole Bourgea lifestyle? :) im hoping all of the above. Can't wait to see it. We're SO excited for you. And btw, you're totally camera ready!

  3. Awesome news! What exactly will you be on for? And will you tell us whether the green room is actually green!

  4. I heard a little something about this! I am soo excited for you! Do you know when it'll air?

  5. Catching up with FB and saw this just now...oh my goodness Nicole..congratulations! That's amazing..I love Nate! Please let me know when it's airing. -c. mcniff


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