Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Is Fair?

Friends, have you heard about the big (e)merge art fair and "unofficial stepsister fair," But Is It Art, coming to Washington, DC this fall? The first is an event modeled after Art Basel Miami Beach and its satellite events organized by Mera and Don Rubell, the prominent Miami-based art collectors, Helen Allen, the founder of New York and Miami’s Pulse contemporary art fair and D.C. dealer, Leigh Conner. The second is a response to the "practice of art tourism that (...) has little connection to the city’s artists." You can read more about it here
But Is It Art? hosts Alex Ventura and Victoria Milko
 I believe But Is It Art? is attempting to give local artists a platform while addressing issues surrounding the commodification and commercialization of art. If so, it's a worthy fight. I'm just not sure that it's being waged against the real enemy. 
Leigh Conner runs a cutting-edge gallery in the district and I've been to a few meaty discussions and events hosted there. She has been quoted describing the alternate fair as "fantastic." In fact, she welcomes it, saying "If like the Armory, if like Art Basel, if what (e)merge is doing is inspiring others, we’re happy that a satellite is happening.” 
(e)merge panel discussion that I attended last summer
 The bottom line is that Washington, DC is our nation's capitol, yet our art scene is widely considered lacking. I for one am excited to see my city hosting an event that aims to draw international recognition to the area as a place that considers art important. If that event encourages further happenings, then all the better!

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