Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 Update

Fox5 News shot a story on AS IS today! Here is camera man Doug recording in front of the last unclaimed urban portrait. The segment will air tonight at 6:00 PM on Channel 5.

Here are the three portraits that had not been taken as of last night:
#2 is the only portrait still on the street. Some kind soul moved it under an overhang yesterday to keep it out of the extreme storms we had, but it is back in its original location today. Do you know this man?? I'm hoping that Fox5's story on my project will help him find it.

#1 was moved inside out of the rain by a shop owner. After we parted ways, the Fox5 team headed out to interview him. I just received a call from the reporter saying that while they were at it, a man walked into the shop and took the painting...on camera! I guess I'll have to wait until tonight to see who it was.

#3 is a portrait of another artist that I met while working with Habitat for Artists at the Corcoran this summer. She knew about my project, but not that she was going to be one of the subjects! Here is what her installed portrait looked like:
As I said, October 1st was gorgeous, but the floods came out in full force on the 2nd. This portrait was the only one that braved the elements. Originally the Fox team and I planned on meeting in front of it this morning, but by 10:30 AM it was gone! Then I received this note via facebook along with a picture that she snapped of the painting:
Nicole Tell me why I got a text this morning with someone saying "I got your painting"! I was like "what painting"? Hahaha...I love love love it! Thanks sugar!


  1. Nicole, did any of your portraits get damaged in the rain over the past few weeks???


  2. No! I just installed them on Monday and of the three that were still out yesterday, only one was left out in the rain. Neighbors, shop owners and other community members moved or covered the unclaimed portraits until the rain stopped. It has been really heartwarming to see the way that DC residents have been creating a community of notice around this project!


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