Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the Go

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Have you ever found yourself stopped at a traffic light next to someone who's job is to attract customers into a certain store by wearing a ridiculous costume and twirling a sign? I suppose they must bring companies business given the number of men and women dressed in cow and statue of liberty costumes on medians these days. Side-stepping the issue of the mild humiliation associated with this practice, it is interesting to consider how motion attracts our attention, and how seeing something out of context allows us to consider it from a fresh prospective.
The idea reminds me of Camper Contemporary, which is literally a camper outfitted as an art gallery.
 It's residency programs offer "an experiment in creating new forms of curation." A small group of selected artists takes a trip to an unknown destination together, and then spends the following week creating art about the adventure to be displayed in the camper. I had a chance to see one of these exhibits, and the experience was very different from a typical gallery visit. Viewing art in that unexpected, almost casual setting allowed me to relax a little and see the work itself rather than the idea of a Really Important Piece of Art hanging in a GALLERY.
 The Moving Gallery commission took the concept of approachable art a step further.
The project took place in Greenwich, London, choreographed by Ragnhild Olsen. Wow! I am so intrigued by the idea of interactive art, meeting you in the middle of your day. 

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