Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Weekend!

MLK and his daughter. Children have a way of keeping us honest and reminding us why we strive. You can read more about this photo here
My apologies for the sudden hiatus, Friends. I have been spending every waking minute outside of the studio working on proposals for different exciting opportunities. Thanks to the generosity of my clients an a couple of key family members, I am very happy to say that I am finished...for now. I am so very grateful to everyone for the testimonials and editing. Thank you!
Now I plan to spend this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend soaking up the goodness of life with those I love. 
It is difficult to talk about Dr. King without resorting to cliche, so I will leave the big thoughts to my more eloquent friends and say simply that his example of courageously and steadfastly stating the truth in the face of incredible cultural adversity is something that I will spend my whole life attempting to imitate.
I hope that you have a very happy weekend, Friends!

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  1. Wonderful picture. It really is hard to write about something so important.


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